Sunday, August 14, 2005

Slight Delay

Due to a prolonged sinus infection recovery, I have been forced to push my trip to North Carolina back one day. I'm stocked up: fruits and vegetables, Dayquil Sinus, Sex and the City season six on DVD, the September supersize anniversary issue of Glamour, water, my North Carolina handbook complete with post-it notes to remind me of all the places I want to go (as if I need reminding), and last but not least, my Kleenex.

I have a habit of getting sick the moment I am on vacation. It's as if my body knows that between school and work, I really don't have any time to be sick. Fortunately, I'm getting better. I've slowed to the rate of about 5 KPH (Kleenex Per Hour) and today, unlike yesterday, I made it down the street to buy a bagel and back home without having to take a nap before eating!

Anyhow, laying around at home has given me plenty of opportunity to lay down the details of my trip, so I thought I'd send out a less vague itinerary than most of you have gotten up to this point:
  • Tomorrow through Wednesday: Charlotte, NC, visiting a good friend from college
  • Thursday through Saturday: Camping in and around Asheville, NC, doing a little shopping, checking out Looking Glass Falls and Sliding Rock
  • Sunday through Monday: Boone, NC, visiting another good friend from college who has already let me know that she and her friends have planned a hike or two so I can really check out the area
  • Tuesday through Wednesday: Heading northeast to Hanging Rock State Park for more camping, hiking, and beautiful views
  • Thursday through Sunday: On to the Outer Banks (weather permitting) for some hikes on the sand dunes and hang gliding lessons. And if weather does not permit, I'll be heading back to New York. Otherwise, I'll be home on Monday with an abundance of pictures and some non-stop talking about my trip!
I have been looking forward to this trip for months now. I love New York City, but these 15 days are a much needed vacation from the craziness of being here. So, until August 29th...

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