Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Apartment Hunting

My roommate and I will soon be leaving the lovely one-bedroom apartment that we share. While we both really like the place, we also both have dreams of a living room. (You underestimate the importance of such a room until you have company and there's nowhere for them to sit.)

So, we are doing what any New Yorkers would be doing: combing through the ads on craigslist to find potential places. The problem is that I get easily sidetracked on the craigslist website and begin to check out the "activities" section, just to see what crazy things are going on around the city. For example, there were well over 100 activities postings today, including:
  • "Want to go on a date with someone OTHER than your significant other?"
  • "Where is the sex shop?"
  • "Know a Celebrity? Slept With a Star? Earn$$$$$$$$"
  • "Naked 420 Fellas"
  • "Hypnosis fetish group"
  • "Female Fight Club" (which explicity states that it is based on the movie, and only serious applicants need apply)
There were many perfectly normal activities posted today as well, but it's the unusual ones that I am becoming addicted to. What did these people do before the internet? Of course, maybe the question I should really be focused on is how did people find apartments before the internet. And then, I should start searching again. Hopefully, this will be my last move for at least a couple of years...in light of recent history, that's a pretty silly wish. But a girl can hope, can't she? For now, back to searching.


Jim said...

I am having seconded thoughts about sending Courtney out there after I saw your list of "activities" that you maybe doing with my daughter. Looking at your list may me think, you may need a boyfriend again.

P.S. You are not going to pay to come out here. You have to save your money to get your eyes fixed, they are to close together and a little slanted to the right. lol

writingsam said...

These are not MY activities, they are just some of my many options! And you are right, I do need to fix my eyes.