Monday, September 26, 2005

The Care Package

I hope I am never too old to receive a care package from my mom. I love the moment when I first see the package. I try to take my time, to extend the process, and wait a while before grabbing scissors to cut through the heavy duty tape. Opening the box is the best part: lifting the flap slowly, and taking each item out individually.

Today, I received a stack of magazines, some with specific articles dogeared, two Battleship games, and two Connect Four games for my classroom. These days my care packages often contain things for my classroom. I have been wanting to buy Battleship and Connect Four for my classroom for so long, but I always have to buy more essential things, such as pencils.

During college, she once sent a package which included Model Magic. This provided hours of entertainment for my friends and I (and to think the package recommended it for children ages 8-11!) After college, I was unemployed for a short time. My favorite care package ever was actually a care envelope that I received while desperately searching through the Memphis Commercial Appeal job ads. It had a $20 gift card to Kroger with instructions that it should only be spent on chocolate ice cream, junk food, and maybe a magazine.

My mom taught me well how to always have what I needed to survive. And at any point when I've been struggling, she has helped with those little luxuries. So I'm going to curl up now with my magazines and relax after a loooong day. Thanks mom:)

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Mom said...

You are most welcome. By the way, I am at Laman Library. The internet is still broken at work. I've missed a week of all the news and what is most surprising is that I didn't realize it was a week. Is it really that important to have internet access????