Monday, September 12, 2005

A Couple of Questions from My Wandering Mind

When did computers become politically correct? When I was taking graphic design classes in high school, the computer had an icon labelled "Trash Can." (That is, until we renamed it after inappropriate things I won't get into here.) Now, the same icon on my computer is labelled "Recycling Bin." I'm all about recycle, reduce, reuse; but I'm perfectly aware that once I drag something to that little icon, it's gone for good. Can't we give up political correctness for perfect honesty in this case, at least?

With all the technological advances we've made in recent decades, why isn't life like the Jetsons? I used to imagine flying around in my little one person car/jet and going to a little appliance in the kitchen that made me whatever I wanted for dinner. Now, nearly twenty years after those daydreams, I'm driving around on solid ground in my car and making my own dinner. What the hell happened?!

That's the end of my questions for today (or at least of my sharing) as I have to go and make myself dinner. On the menu tonight: chicken alfredo. But if it were the 2005 of my childhood daydreams, I'd be ordering something much nicer, like a huge triple chocolate cake with strawberries...

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