Saturday, October 01, 2005

October First?!

It can't be true! It's the tenth month of the year already? When I wake up, it's still dark outside. Yesterday morning I had to turn on my heater as I was driving to work. And last night my roommate told me I needed to wear a jacket when I went out. (I politely declined.) I am in fullblown denial, and it is beginning to make me a little crazy every time someone mentions that summer is over and winter is coming. Here, fall lasts for about three minutes, then you're pulling out your huge collection of scarves. (And if you're me, wondering how the hell you accumulated so many in such a short time!)

Tonight I'm going out with a few friends in the West Village. We're going to celebrate my friend's brother's birthday, but privately I think I will celebrate wearing a sleeveless shirt for one last night (with a light sweater, oh concerned roommate). Now, I must go choose the perfect shirt for such a special occassion. There might be tears, but admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?

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