Thursday, October 13, 2005

Really moving, moving, moving...

Before Wednesday night, my roommate and I would talk about moving in very abstract terms: searching Craiglist without ever following up on anything and vaguely describing what we might want in a new apartment. Now it's Friday, and we've put a deposit on a new apartment that actually has two bedrooms and a living room! That in itself is an upgrade, and I haven't even mentioned yet the huge balcony, the large kitchen, the fact that it's a corner apartment with windows on three sides, and that it cuts at least 10 minutes off my daily commute.

I'm excited, but I also have that head-spinning kind of feeling. I will be moving in two weeks. The one box in our apartment that was actually packed was destroyed by the leak in the kitchen. The sudden change is more than a little overwhelming, but I also think it's a good idea to just take care of all of this quickly. And I have hopes that I will live in this new place at least until I graduate from grad school in June of 2007. If I accomplish that, I will have lived in the new apartment for longer than I have lived anywhere in the past six years. It would be nice to feel a little more settled, and the apartment is so nice that I think it might just work. Everyone keep your fingers crossed!

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