Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Behavior Modification at Home

My roommate and I both want to exercise more, so this weekend we created a chart to monitor our workout progress. Each week that we exercise four or more times, we get to go out with friends to a new restaurant. (Can you tell we're elementary school teachers?) Yesterday was the first day of our new little program. I didn't work out, and I don't think my roommate did, but I can't be sure because I went to bed at an absurdly early time that I am too embarrassed to actually post here.

Our poster is hanging up in the bathroom, and I started this morning with an empty box for Week One: Monday glaring at me. Fortunately, I have a run scheduled with a friend for this afternoon. Let's see if this plan of ours works...

And speaking of things that might not work, I'm not sure why the pictures in the previous post don't just show up. But if you click on the handy little boxes above and below the text, you can see pictures of our snow day.

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