Saturday, May 13, 2006

It's Official

I am reading the paper, and listening to country music. Listening to country music! It means I'm homesick, which seems to hit hard whenever I'm creeping up on the time of departure to go back and visit family and friends. This morning (and yesterday) I've been listening to Sara Evans, which is your basic Introduction to Homesickness (a.k.a Homesickness 101.)

Fortunately, I'm leaving on Thursday morning which means I probably won't have time to go through all the stages: Sara Evans to Garth Brooks to Statler Brothers to the most advanced stage of Reba (no last name necessary here.)

There is some country that you might hear coming out of my speakers at other points in the year, but those listed above are the artists that I would never have listened to while I was living in Arkansas, let alone once I left! Yet they're perfect for a little solo sentimentalism on the Saturday before I go home to see my younger brother get married.

As I'm listening to Sara Evans, I think to myself, "She is just like me." She is talking to scarecrows and looking for a brown-eyed boy to love, her momma is steady as the sun, and she is born to fly.

Okay, I've probably said enough. Pretend like I never mentioned it.

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