Saturday, June 17, 2006

Number 170

This is the 170th post on clean up on aisle life. Yet, I'm somehow not running out of things to say. My most recent problem is that due to unexplained intermittent internet access at home, my blogging style has been cramped to an unreal degree.

You may feel that you haven't missed out on anything because of this, but you'd be wrong. I didn't write about my feelings about a particular paragraph I read in The Tipping Point this week, or a funny phone call I received from the mother of one of my students, or my newfound love of the well-named country song "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy.)"

Fortunately, the wireless is working fine now, and I can tell you all about Adventure NYC, which took place in Central Park. Last year I went, and it was a small number of tents and booths in Union Square. It's grown quite a bit, coming complete with rock climbing walls, the flying trapeze, a children's section that was unbelievable, free nalgene bottles, a nice man who gave my roommate 12 sets of materials needed to build kaleidoscopes with her class next year, a contest entry for your dream trip (mine was for my mom and I to go to the Galapagos,) free copies of Backpacker and other magazines, fly fishing practice, bicycle test rides, free kayaking, endurance challenges, and more.

If you missed it this year, write in your calendar for next June to look it up. It's hard to find anything related to the outdoors in New York City, but the growth of this event makes me hope that interest in the outdoors is growing, even in this super-urban environment. Maybe I'm not as missplaced as I feel from time to time here.

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