Saturday, July 08, 2006

All Good Things Must Come To An End?

After a week of hanging out with my aunt, uncle, and cousins in California, I am all packed up and ready to head back home to New York City. My 13-year-old cousin will be joining me, which gives me the perfect excuse to play tourist for the two week duration of her visit. Yes, you might see me on one of those red double decker buses hitting all the sights of the city in one day. And yes, that will be my cousin and I in those foam Statue of Liberty hats. Of course, we will be asking you to take a picture of us.

Before all that begins though, I got to do something I've been looking forward to all week. My uncle took me for a spin in his 1957 Ford T-bird. As we walked out the door, my aunt asked casually, "Are you taking her by the A&W?" My uncle said yes, but I thought he just planned on getting me more food after a week of seeing how happy being fed makes me. Little did I know what was in store.

Driving in a convertible on a nice California night was a treat in and of itself, (though I will own up to the fact that I couldn't figure out how to use the seatbelt without a demonstration.) After about ten minutes, we drove by the A&W. The parking lot was full, so we drove around and parked on the street. Getting out of the T-bird and walking into the parking lot was like walking into 1957.

There was music from the 50s with a young, poodle skirt-clad girl dancing. All the chidren were playing limbo or dancing, while their parents and grandparents sat in lawn chairs next to their classic cars. The parking lot was packed with all sorts of cars that I can't name, but can appreciate.

My uncle met a couple who also owned a T-bird and began talking with them. The man was named Smitty, which on any other night I would consider to be the best thing that happened. But not tonight. Because tonight, this little parking lot party was hosted by not one, not two, but THREE Elvises. My uncle refused to take a picture with me and one of the Elvises (Elvi?) which might have been the only slightly disappointing thing of the evening. Other than that, I highly recommend that if you're in Modesto on a Friday night, you get yourself to the A&W.

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Me said...

good times to be had in california

enjoy your tourist mode in ny--maybe you can take a ride on one of those fighting boats near the statue of liberty

i miss you