Saturday, December 02, 2006


Sometimes I neglect the blog because I am so busy I don't have a moment to sit down and write a complete thought. Other times I neglect the blog because I don't have anything extremely interesting to say because graduate school has temporarily taken over my life. While that is partially true for the silence of the past week, it is mostly because of the much more rare reason #3: life has suddenly and inexplicably spiraled out of control.

My response to situations that are far beyond my control is typically to try and control every other aspect of my life. I schedule my days so I am constantly around people (I can't believe how social this week has been.) I run (clocking in nearly 24 miles since the last blog entry.) I read an absurd amount. (I started book number three this morning.) And when it doesn't seem to be working, I just do all of the above a little bit more.

I don't know what the best way is to handle extreme amounts of stress, but I do know that everyone has those times when troubles pile on, and no matter what one does to handle the stress, it eventually goes away. My stress has slowly been released, and I am feeling much better. And I'm in for a little more time with friends tonight and a restaurant I love. Is there really any better medicine for those times when things get us down?

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Me said...

No, no there is not. I was so happy you were there.