Sunday, January 28, 2007

Slowing Down

The past few weeks have been filled up with things that I love, but they have been somewhat exhausting in how constantly planned my days have been. This morning, basically by accident, I slowed down.

A friend and I went to grab bagels before soccer practice, and realizing we were absurdly early, decided to sit down with the New York Post and eat slowly. We read short snippets about celebrities and their clothing, skimmed over an article about the presidential campaigns, laughed at the Wierd News column, and completed the sudoku puzzle.

After two hours of soccer practice, I walked home. After a shower, I turned on some Imogen Heap, which was perfect for my slow cleaning mood.

It's amazing to me how caught up I can get in running here and there. I forget to give myself these days where I just have a little room to breathe. And I caught myself just in time, because I go back to grad school on Tuesday. February Resolution: I won't let myself forget to slow down.

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