Monday, February 26, 2007

Home Late

It's nearing midnight on a weekday and I am still awake. Typically, this would be news unto itself. But even bigger news than that is that I got to see a live recording of This American Life tonight at Avery Fischer Hall. As usual, it was brilliant and funny.

But there was even bigger news than that! This American Life was part of what I like to think of as date 2.35 with a surprisingly great guy. (2.35 because I met him speed-dating and those six minutes must count for something, and "surprisingly great" because my experience dating here has been that at about date 1.35 I lose interest or find out the guy is crazy/boring/an insta-boyfriend who just wants a girl, any girl.)

It seems I've almost forgotten what to do when I'm suddenly spending time with a funny, attractive, intelligent guy who leaves no guesswork (i.e., I am not analyzing with friends to try to figure out if he's going to call then receiving a phone call a week after I'd given up and moved on.) Luckily, I've only almost forgotten, but not quite. Right now, it's just great to be intrigued by and excited about someone again. And I'm going to stop with that, before I get into any more lengthy parentheticals...

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