Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Today I had a meeting with my Advanced Research class. We shared our current research and projected data. Unlike past meetings for this class, I didn't leave stressed out about the sheer amount of work ahead of me. Instead, I feel like there really isn't that much left. It all seems so suddenly manageable.

In about three weeks I am taking two exams to complete my teacher certification. About ten minutes ago I signed up for the College Algebra CLEP test to take care of an undergraduate defecit, which is the last obstacle between me and my graduate degree. (Well, except for that pesky little research paper.)

I've been in school for nearly three full years with my fellow Teaching Fellows, and I have witnessed that the program has pushed us into extreme highs and extreme lows. With the end in sight, I'm feeling a bit even-keel, which is slightly unfamiliar, but oh-so good.

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