Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Favorite Day of the Week

Wednesday I arrived in class to find that it was cancelled and I did NOT have to stay on campus till 9:00 at night. Thursday I had a fantastic three-hour conversation with my man. Friday I had a ladies' night with a bunch of friends at our favorite bar. Saturday I went on an amazing scavenger hunt called Murder at the Met.

Yet it is Sunday that is my favorite day. Without fail, it's just the greatest. The whole day has its own leisurely feel that I can never get enough of. I'm feeling pleasantly tired from a three-hour soccer practice. I'm laying on the couch, writing and listening to music, occasionally trading stories with my roommate. In about an hour I will be leaving for a dinner party, where I will get to introduce my roommate to some of my favorite colleagues.

Time seems to have its own pace on Sundays, and I feel like we're not leaving for hours. I'm moving slowly and loving it.

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