Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How Did You Get Here?

Most of the people who visit aisle life are friends and family who I have directly given the address to. However, through an invisible tracker I use to see how many hits I'm getting here, I have found that there are many people who stumble across my little blog in some strange ways.

For example, a few days ago I wrote about shaving my legs before going to the podiatrist. One person found his way to my website by googling "clean shaven women." I'm sure he was disappointed when he arrived here. Another searched for "gay podiatrist" on technorati. I have no idea what he/she might have been aiming for with that search, but my podiatrist is a married woman.

Of course, most people find their way here through one of three major sources. The number one is through my links to other teacher bloggers. The second most common reason for visiting aisle life is related to books and authors. And coming in a close third (and my personal favorite) are those that have googled "cockroach playing dead." Apparently, the little problem my roommate and I had nearly two years ago is the most read item on this ever-growing blog. Not only is it the most read, it receives the most hits internationally, meaning that people from Russia, Spain, the Netherlands, and Australia have also had similar cockroach experiences. Is this our universal story?

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