Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Yes, it's another list. But at a point when wrapping up grad school is causing intense amount of stress, it's important to give myself a little reminder of some of the good things. So, here we go:

1) I have a new student with almost no formal education. I have been fortunate to be collaborating with an amazing group of teachers to give her intensive assistance with basic skills in order to help her catch up. Today she was so happy to recognize an addition pattern in math that every time she got an answer she giggled uncontrollably. I have never witnessed such joy in learning.

2) When I got home today I probably should have done a little bit of grad school work, but the couch was loudly calling my name. So I watched two shows saved by the trusty DVR. First was Ellen, where I laughed through an hour of fast-forwarded television. Second was Oprah, where I cried through an hour of stories about people we should "cheer" for. One of these people was a single mother of five who put herself through school, then became the first grandmother to graduate from Yale Medical School. So, in between work and school today, I experienced nearly every point along the happiness spectrum. It was great. I'd like to thank Ellen and Oprah!

3) After watching a bit of TV I read some of the poems my students wrote today about emotions. My absolute favorite came from an eleven-year old boy who must be in some kind of love. At one point, he stated that "Happiness looks like a girl dancing in flowers. Happiness is the love in my heart." How can you not smile when you read that?

4) Tonight I turned in my final assignment for one of the two classes I am in. That means that I am one powerpoint presentation, one poster presentation, and one enormous (but almost done) paper away from graduating. Woohoo!!

5) As I am closing my graduate school career, I found out today that another graduate school career will be beginning for someone near and dear to me. I have been so excited that it is almost as if I got into NYU myself. Carnival is definitely our new favorite word!

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