Sunday, June 17, 2007

Little League vs. Professional Baseball

The only baseball games I have been to in years have all been professional. Today, a friend from work and I went to a baseball game for a 14 and under league in Brooklyn to watch one of our students play. There were a few minor differences, and I'm still not sure whether I enjoy professional ball or little league better.

ONE - Errors abounded. In two hours only four innings were played. I know when I played ball at this age there must have been just as many errors, but I just don't remember it like that. (Point: Professional)

TWO - There was no back fence, so the ump called each hit as a single, double, or homerun. He also had to stop play whenever someone wandered off the walking path and into the outfield. It added a little element of danger, wondering if a pop up was going to hit a person or a car or a window of a nearby buildling. (Point: Little league)

THREE - The batters never talk to me at professional games. At today's game, my student yelled to me while he was on deck "Hey, if I get a homerun can I have no homework for the rest of the year?" I agreed, afterall, there's only a few days left. (Point: Little league)

FOUR - Many students from my school were playing in the game and the game immediately following it. It's always entertaining to see how students respond to seeing you outside of school. There was a lot of: "What are you doing here?" It was nice to just relax with students and cheer for the team. (Point: Little league)

FIVE - There were no homeruns. (Point: Professional)

SIX - There was a whole new lever of excitement with regard to double plays. When my student jumped up in the air to snag a ball in Right Field, then threw out the player trying to sprint back to first base. It was the highlight of my weekend. (Point: Little league.)

SEVEN - Everyone knew each other at the baseball field. The teams have been playing each other for years, the ump and scorekeeper have been the same for even longer, and the parents were great to talk to. Once they found out what school we taught at, one that many of them attended, the questions abounded. There is something to be said for anonymity. (Point: Tie)

In just a few weeks the league will have it's championship series. And I already told another student I would be there. Looks like I'm a whole new kind of baseball fan...

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