Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pet Peeves

I used to have a friend who said her pet peeve was pet peeves. She hated when people talked about them, thought it was a stupid discussion, and a stupid thing to even think about. I can practically hear her voice in my head as I seem to be able to focus on nothing but pet peeves at the moment.

I am in a very bad mood this morning for reasons I won't get into, and this bad mood seems to be making all those pet peeves into giant issues. Like the fact that my math teacher erases the board with the side of her hand, and, (right when I didn't think it could get any worse) she doesn't erase the board completely. Or the fact that I'm in the library and the staffroom is right next to where I am trying to work. The staffroom door has the loudest creaking sound I have ever heard. Can't all the money I gave them pay for some WD-40?

I know why they're called "pet" peeves. It's literally as if I am scratching each peeve behind it's ear, or rubbing its belly, or throwing it a tennis ball. And the peeve just keeps coming back for more, and being more insistent for my attention. So I cut it off here. Down, boy! Go lay down!

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