Thursday, September 13, 2007

Waiting for a Prescription

This morning I went to the RiteAid to get a prescription refilled. While waiting the fifteen minutes it took to refill it, I wandered around the store. The magazine selection wasn't worth looking at, the office supply section had been picked clean by back-to-school shoppers, and I wasn't really hungry so the junk food aisle wasn't a good option.

I ended up in a section of the store I didn't even know existed: the As Seen On TV section. Had the precription refill taken even one minute less time, I would have spent an exorbitant amount on impulse buys. When you look at this stuff, it seems impossible that you have been living life without it.

My favorite was the wireless light switch. You plug any lamp in your house into this special outlet attachment, which sends a wireless signal to the light switch. You can put the light switch wherever you want! I thought to myself, I can turn off my lamp at night without getting out of bed. I NEED this!!

My next near-purchase was the Infinity Razor, which promised I would never have to buy another razor. It almost sold me with its ergonomically designed handle and its carbon injected steel fused with tungsten carbide. But then I thought, wouldn't a razor that lasts a lifetime cost more than $10?

In the end, I made it out of the store with just my prescription in hand. I'm still proud of making it out of that aisle empty-handed. But I can't make any promises for the future...

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