Saturday, November 17, 2007

Things That I Learned In the Past Two Days

1) My boyfriend can morph into a child, which I learned from watching him play Guitar Hero 3 with his friend Luke. It was extremely entertaining to watch their pure joy at playing Black Magic Woman by Santana.

2) After going to a Graduate Expo for the New School I realized how much I really want to get my MFA in writing. I also realized how much work I have to do before I even think of applying.

3) I love teaching but I am getting incredibly sick of all the bureacracy and politics. Without getting into the ridiculous details, I have spent way too much time in the past two days dealing with a dispute over post-its...and this dispute is not with children, but a colleague.

4) My new camera has a wide angle option. I have taken about 50 photos at a wide angle on accident. Alan showed me how to change the angle, but I might just stick to the wide lens.

5) My roommate and I have reached a new level of comfort. A few weeks back we discovered we have a mice problem (a convenient side effect of living next door to deli.) The mice problem has been taken care of, but they left mites, which bite us. We thought they were gone, but now they're back, which Josh proved by walking in the apartment, turning around, and showing my the inflamed bite on his ass.

6) I really love my apartment, because even despite mice and mites, I'm happy to be there. But hopefully the mites will be gone by the end of tomorrow.

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J said...

Oh man do I hear you with the bureaucratic nonsense. But a post-it battle?! Dear me. That sounds frustratingly ridiculous.

And ooh, a wide angle?! Post some of these photos please!