Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Favorites

So many new, good things! The short list:
  • Very Short List - a daily e-mail about something cool: books, movies, random websites. Subscribe immediately!
  • Cookbooks - Suddenly I own four, and now it's extended into my library-obsession. Today I checked out The Best American Recipes 2000. I've already looked through the entire book and marked my future meals with blue post-its. And on Friday, I will finally have time to grocery's going to be a food-filled weekend!
  • Stuff White People Like - a hilarious blog that Alan says I like because I'm white.
  • Tournament of Books - The Morning News is entering their third year of a March Madness type of competition for books. Check out the "brackets" here.
  • Following in the footsteps of Radiohead, the much talked-about novel Beautiful Children by Charles Bock is available here for free download until Friday at midnight. I just got mine.
  • David Archuleta on American Idol. Yes, I said American Idol.

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