Monday, October 24, 2005

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Really)

Today the music teacher started brainstorming ideas for a Christmas play with my students. Within one period, they had come up with the complete story line for "Who's the Real Santa?" In this classic Christmas tale, there is Real Santa and Ghetto Santa. Ghetto Santa steals presents from the good kids and gives them to the bad kids. Two police officers (to be played by my paraprofessionals) capture Ghetto Santa and throw him in jail. But Ghetto Santa gets his Evil Elves to continue his work for him while he is behind bars, which makes the police officers confused about who the Real Santa really is. Finally, the good kids (played by my students) come up with an idea to tell who the Real Santa is. You guessed it--A dance contest!! In the end, Real Santa has the moves and goodness prevails.

Needless to say, I think the days of Charlie Brown's Christmas are long gone. And since we're talking about Christmas, and it's been a good three weeks since the first time I heard "Winter Wonderland" playing in Eckerd while I did a little shopping, I should address another wintertime fact. Some of you might remember the problems I had earlier in the year when it was 103 degrees outside and we had no air conditioning. What I haven't mentioned is that the Department of Education finally got the air conditioner fixed, and are apparently so proud of their handywork that they refuse to turn it off. Despite the 50 degree temperature outside, the a.c. was blasting in my classroom. But I won't be bitter and yell about the DOE, instead I'll just blame it on Ghetto Santa, who's probably trying to get back at my students for foiling his little Christmas plan.

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