Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Little More in the Moment...

My roommate just suggested we get wine for tonight to usher in the new week in hopes that it will be better than the last one. (Especially after yesterday, when after meeting a friend, I got all the way home before I realized my keys were missing, and spent approximately two more hours on the train to get them back.)

So tonight, it's red wine and Havarti (my favorite cheese of the moment) and the knowledge that this week I only have to teach for three days! Which means I have time to spend a day on Fire Island with a friend, get salad from my favorite placed in Union Square after taking yoga with my friend Sharon, see the play Doubt, go to both soccer practices, and fit in a little bit of lounging around! And to top it all, I just found a place to do free kayaking for the next two weekends. Maybe I don't do the typcial NYC things, but I forget that the nice thing about living in one place for longer than five minutes is that you create a life for yourself. Now it's really time to be done with over-analyzing (at least for today) and get back to that life.

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