Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Moving, Moving, Moving

A few numbers from today:
  • Saturday will mark month 16 in New York. In 18 days, I will be moving to apartment number 4. My landlady's daughter let us know about 2 hours ago, and though we were planning on moving anyway, it definitely shoved us into high gear. In less than 15 minutes we had scheduled 3 appointments to look at apartments in our neighborhood tomorrow.
  • The stack of mail I am avoiding is approximately 8 inches high. "Clean desk" has been on my last 7 or 8 to-do lists. It has not been crossed off yet.
  • My roommate is probably the 1 and only person in the history of the world who has ever called herself "the Queen of Flax."
  • My roommate has said about 3 things that she refuses to let me quote on the blog. I might sneak them in someday though...she'd better stay on my good side.
  • I have 10 students. Today, by sixth period, I was down to 1. Two were in in-school suspension for fighting (and throwing furniture, breaking a large table against a wall, which was fortunate because they narrowly missed a row of computers), 1 was in speech therapy, 1 was in counseling, 2 were reading to students with autism downstairs (which is actually a wonderful program I have arranged with the other teacher,)1 was suspended because in 6th period he was still angry about what a student said in 3rd period so he walked over and punched him in the face out of nowhere, which means that 1 was at the nurse. Luckily, my tenth student is on vacation in Mexico, happily unaware of the madness that was today. But really, it's okay. All of my students are at least 2 grade levels behind in reading. Sixth and seventh periods are reserved for literacy...and this little number pattern will continue until December, when I will administer tests that they will fail because they can't read the directions, let alone the questions.
  • Fortunately, my mom will be here in about 28 hours and we will have a 4 day weekend together.

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