Monday, October 10, 2005

Two Things: Honesty and Staten Island

On honesty: This is one of those times when I wonder how personal I actually want to be in my blog. I have no problems being extremely personal when I'm face to face with someone, but there is much I think is better left unsaid in this little forum for many reasons. Let's just say, I have recently been thinking intensely about a certain relationship in my life. So I tried to be honest with the person in question. I did so over e-mail, because that was the only forum we had communicated through in months. Apparently, honesty can bring out in the worst in some people. Maybe this is too vague to make any sense whatsoever, but I wonder: is it worth having a dishonest relationship with someone just because they fill a role society sets aside for them? Some of the things I said to this person were a little harsh, but they were nicer than what I could have said, and I was trying to be honest about my feelings. Really, what is the point of laying the foundations for repairing a relationship if those foundations aren't completely honest? Either way, I got my response today, and it was not a good one, which served to remind me that in being honest, I at least got to see exactly what I could expect, which is sadly very little.

And on Staten Island: In less emotional/life-questioning news, today my friend Sharon and I decided to take the Staten Island Ferry because it was free and we'd never done it before. It was surprisingly fun. It was nice to see the skyline, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge (with a history delivered by Sharon who has been reading a book about it recently) and more. Plus, Staten Island was fun to walk around for an hour or so, and the rain actually held off the whole time we were out. We spent most of our time catching up, talking about the possibility of me actually staying in New York for longer than three years, and basically ignoring much of what was around us. So we decided to pay attention and pretend like we were tourists. Below is a photo of us, "amazed" by the sights from the ferry (and proving my friend Josh wrong--he says I'm only capable of not smiling with my eyes open or smiling with my eyes closed in pictures.) All in all, it was a pretty good three day weekend.

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Jim said...

On honesty: I am sure you did the right thing. A weak foundation is not a good foundation and will always lead to collapse.

And on Staten Island: It looks like you had a great time. Just remember if you put a picture on a blog it can be enlarged by clicking on it.