Saturday, October 08, 2005

Random Thoughts on a Rainy Day

Things I should stop doing:
  • glancing at my junkmail folder. Today I received an e-mail titled "Ten Most Dangerous Mistakes Women Make With Men." In the first sentence, I was told I am one of the privileged few to be privy to this information. After reading that women basically should not follow their gut, I deleted it.
  • avoiding basic upkeep, such as going to the eye doctor. This morning I broke my glasses, and now I have to rush to get an eye appointment and replace them.
  • buying carrots. They sit in the fridge for two weeks, then finally my roommate asks if she can eat them.
Things I should do more often:
  • wear my pink paisley rainboots. They are my favorites, and I don't wear them often enough. Today I went out on a quick errand and had a blast intentionally stepping in every puddle!
  • lay down in bed and read a book cover to cover. Read the Kite Runner today, a decent book, now I'm happily deciding what I should pick up next.
  • listen to old cds. I won't publicly admit some of the bad music I've listened to in recent days, but it's been wonderful.
  • talk about embarrassing bodily functions with my roommate. It's amazing that two years ago my friend Katrina could make me blush by simply saying the word fart. Even now, I hesitate a moment before typing it...

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