Saturday, October 08, 2005

Must Add to the Previous Lists...

Things that make my roommate and I laugh on a rainy day in the house together:
  • dancing to "Bongo Bongo," possibly the best song ever.
  • finding the perfect soup that we can both eat: Campbell's Chunky Fajita Steak with Rice and Beans (Steak for me, rice and beans for her.)
  • my roommate and I going through each other closets and having conversations such as: "Sam, that's too dressed up, we're just going to chill out tonight." "Keri, it's cotton." "Sam, it's a print."
  • choosing an outfit for me to wear out salsa dancing tonight, looking up to see my roommate wearing her pants from Vietnam, a pink bra, and a cowboy hat.
  • upon seeing my roommate in pants, bra, and cowboy hat, asking if I can take a picture. She screamed no, and I told her she couldn't stop me from blogging about it. She said I could blog about what ever I want. I thanked her for giving me freedom of speech.
  • having my roommate proof this before publishing in case she can add humor.

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