Sunday, October 30, 2005

Will I Ever Be That Person Who Can Paint Without Getting It All Over Myself?

Things are winding down here at the old apartment now. My bedroom has been primed, and will soon be painted. There are two large pieces of furniture remaining that my roommate's father will be helping us move in a short time. There's the stereo and Aimee Mann playing at the moment. And then there's my roommate and I, dressed in our painting clothes, and drinking water (me) and coffee (her) from the last two remaining cups.

Yesterday, friends and family came to help us move. For dinner, we ordered pizza and ate it around the kitchen table in our new apartment. There were six of us, and when my roommate instructed us to stretch our arms out to the side, none of us were touching! We are already planning our first parties now that we have room to entertain.

Other than moving, we've had a very entertaining time playing my new favorite game that can probably only be played in New York City. While walking down the street, we saw several people dressed in such a way that they begged the question: "Halloween costume, or not a Halloween costume?" Many of our mini-studies were inconclusive.

Anyhow, exhaustion may have just hit me. I think I have more dust than brain tissue in my head at the moment. Hopefully it hasn't been too obvious.

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