Friday, November 25, 2005

And We're Back in Four, Three, Two...

In the last few internet-less weeks, I have been forced to write my thoughts in (gasp!) an actual journal. That's right folks, I have found a ball point pen, opened up an old journal to a fresh page, and participated in the archaic ritual of moving my hand across the page in the quick, sloppy cursive that gets more illegible as I become more focused on my writing. While it has been nice to return to my journal filled with words that I can actually hold in my hand, I am excited to be back in my favorite forum.

Since our last meeting, there have been a few interesting events. I moved to my new apartment, turned 24, took my students on a field trip to a farm unlike any I ever stumbled across back in Arkansas, celebrated Thanksgiving with my roommate's family, allowed myself to be passed around via cell phone at my family's Thanksgiving dinner, and gave into the guilty pleasure of listening to 106.7 which started playing Christmas music 24/7 about two weeks ago. If you pass me in the morning on the Van Wyck, feel free to point and laugh as I burumbumbumbum my way through the Little Drummer Boy.

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