Monday, December 12, 2005

Avoidance Sweet Avoidance

So the dreaded paper is almost finished, but am I going to work on it anymore tonight? You can probably guess the answer is no. You see, I have many pressing things at hand.

First of all, my roommate and I are experiencing a severe milk shortage that has been going on for days. And how is my roommate supposed to make tomato soup without milk? So I must valiantly go with her, out into the blistering December cold to make that long trek to the Berry Fresh Market.

Secondly, my roommate's family is coming on Saturday. So I desperately need to clean the bathroom a bit. It's not that the bathroom is dirty, it's just more important than ECPSE 722 (whatever that stands for.)

Finally, at 7:30 I have my weekly Nerd Night. I read a study once that games such as Scrabble help reduce your chances of getting Alzheimer's later in life. Sure, it doesn't run in my family, but I definitely don't want it to start with me.

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