Sunday, December 11, 2005

Have You Seen My Motivation?

With the last week of classes looming, I am somehow unable to sit down and get to work on those final papers of the semester. I have found every possible distraction in the house: I read for a few hours, watched episodes of Sex and the City I've seen a dozen times, actually cooked a meal, and caught up on some phone calls. Then, just to help me with my lack of motivation, the doorbell rings and it's my neighbor who accidentally received a package of magazines my mom sent last week.

So now I'm going to stop blogging and start digging through the seven inches of new material sitting on the living room floor. And after that, who knows? I could dust the entire apartment, clean out my car trunk, or even start working on my self-management paper--the one in which I'm supposed to set a goal for changing one of my bad habits and then monitor my progress...

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