Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas Cards and Politics

So I bought a box of 18 cards to give to my co-workers. I got home, ready to write messages and seal envelopes, only to find that my list of co-workers I should give cards to had 27 names on it. Twenty seven!!

It turns out that if I give Person A a card with a funny message that I know he'll get a kick out of, then he'll show it to Person B, who I wasn't planning on giving a card to, but I think might feel bad if she didn't get one, too. And if I give Person C a card, then Persons D and E will definitely know, and that would just be rude since they share an office. And typing that sentence made me think of four more people I had forgotten about, so now I'm up to 31!

And six of the people on my list are Jewish. I accidentally bought cards that say "Christmas" on the inside. I thought I bought blank cards, and now I'm just narrowly averting a panic attack by making a joke of it in my personal message to each recipient. And now that I'm thinking about it, I'm realizing that three more aren't Jewish, but I don't think they celebrate Christmas. I don't know what they celebrate!

I've already written in some of the cards, so I can't return them for simpler ones with the vague "Happy Holidays" written in glittery script on the front, and the beautiful blank space on the inside leaving me free to write whatever I wish. What made me think this would be a relaxing task before going to bed?

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