Saturday, December 03, 2005

History Repeats Itself

I'm taking a mini-break from a take home midterm I'm working on that is due in two hours. I started it about an hour ago. I've been in school now for about 19 years straight, and the one thing I've learned is that it is perfectly okay to stress myself out by starting everything about ten seconds before it is due.

The class is amazing, it's a Social Studies methods class, and today we are going on a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to learn how to take our students on a field trip. The professor is great: he's realistic about teaching, he's creative in his methods, and he is thoughtful and reasonable in everything he does in the classroom. He is clearly passionate about what he does.

Thursday we went on a field trip to see The Fiddler On the Roof. Instead of paying for a textbook for this class, we paid for a Broadway show...not too shabby, huh? While the show started dangerously close to my bedtime, it was great to be with all of my grad school friends outside of the classroom.

Okay, I'm going to get back to work now. In honor of my amazing Social Studies teacher, I will try to learn from history and procrastinate slightly less than normal...

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