Sunday, January 29, 2006

What is the answer?

Today I'm veering from the mundane, the school talk, and the random readings that I think should be shared to talk about something a little more personal. Over the past few weeks, I have been asked at least seven times, (yes, I'm counting), "Why aren't you dating anyone?"

When it comes to dating, I have not yet developed a strong cynicism or outright anger, so I haven't had strong emotions with which to create a lively comedy routine to be brought out for use as an answer whenever someone asks me this ridiculous question. I could come up with any series of answers, most at least slightly true, but none that would appease the uncles, college friends, or random strangers that need to know why I am not half of a couple.

I think this question is equivalent to the questions, "Why aren't you running for office?" or "Why aren't you a millionaire?" Half of Manhattan is doing it, everyone else is actively trying, yet here I am, teaching my life away, going out with good friends, reading great books, playing soccer on the weekends, travelling when I can afford it, and sometimes thinking, "Yes, it would be nice to have 'someone special' to share all of this with, but damn if I'm going to try to force it with someone lackluster, unintelligent, or unhappy."

I'm 24, which for Arkansas standards, is coming dangerously close to old maid, but I have been fortunate enough to land in this awesome life, filled with amazing friends and constant adventures both large and small. Can't everyone else be as patient as I am when it comes to finding the right person to share this with?

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Anonymous said...

Alright, alright. We'll quit asking about your love life if it bothers you. After all, you're young and have plenty of time to find Mr. Right — especially in NYC, where there are almost too many fish in the sea and you should be living the Kim Catrall lifestyle. You're a sexy, intelligent, young woman, and anyone who knows you knows you'll eventually land a great guy.

But in the mean time, asking about Sam's sex life and random dates is always good for conversation and steamy gossip ; )


P.S. Honestly, we might just be asking b/c it's a fun topic — not b/c we actually expect you to settle down anytime soon. Please don't feel any pressure from our teasing.