Friday, April 21, 2006

Hesitant Re-entry

I am in a computer lab at the University of California - Riverside campus, procrastinating on work that I have due on Thursday back in that distant land of Queens, New York. My friend, who goes to school here, will be back in 2.5 hours to pick me up. So, this will be brief.

My friend Sharon and I just re-entered the real world last night after 6 days of camping/backpacking/hiking in the Joshua Tree National Park. It was absolutely phenomenal. I feel rested, re-centered, and happy.

I also learned many new things:
  • (Prior to the flight to California, I went to my first Passover dinner with my friend Sharon's family.) Almost every part of the dinner was wonderful. I will never eat gefilte fish again. No matter what Sharon's dad says...
  • You can in fact, eat an entire apple, including the core. This is a new favorite hobby of mine.
  • L.A. is not as evil as I once thought.
  • Heavisome is not a word.
  • The desert, while a dry heat, is still very, very hot.
  • When you think you have gotten a good tan, but you've haven't showered in five days, most of the brown color washes right off of you.
  • When without a corkscrew, you should not push the cork into the bottle of wine, unless you enjoy being splattered in the face. (Fortunately, I learned this lesson by watching Sharon.)
  • Wild desert turtles are the most chill creatures on the face of the planet. But if you're not paying attention and you scare one, the sound of the turtle withdrawing into it's shell sounds just like the hiss of a snake.
  • When you've hiked for six miles and finally find the oasis you've been searching for, nothing beats cold water, crackers with cheese and mustard, and laying on the sand underneath tall palm trees.
  • There are no unattractive men who are serious rock climbers. (Why this is, I have no idea, but I'm fairly certain that it is completely true.)
  • When you've been on an amazing vacation that truly lets you forget all your worries, it's hard to go back to the real world. Especially when it's a grey computer lab and your textbooks you hesitantly packed eight days earlier. So much for being brief...

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Anonymous said...

Just looked it up. Heavisome is a word. It means heavy, dull.