Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Little Compare and Contrast

Greek: In college, if you were Greek, it meant you were in a sorority or fraternity. Every year there was a huge Greek Week complete with parties, a parade, and philanthropy projects. All the "Greeks" wore their letters every day around campus. In Astoria, if you are Greek, it means that your family is from Greece. Today is the Greek Independence Day Parade in Manhattan. My roommate and I got off the N train on our way home and were surrounded my men, women, children, dogs, and cars wearing the Greek flag. I have never seen so much blue and white in my life.

Take On Me: Originally, I loved this song from A-ha in the 1980s, especially after seeing the video. Today, while running the Scotland 10K, the kick-off event for this year's Tartan Week in NYC, I heard a new version of this song. At each mile there were 2-3 bagpipers playing for the runners, and at mile 5 there they were, playing Take On Me, while a girl decked out in tartan danced beside them. It might just be better than the original.

1:32 p.m. I'm a big fan of the "this-time-last-year" or the "this-time-next-week" conversations. This time yesterday, it was 12:32. I love daylight savings. And, this time last week, the greenery and flowers of spring hadn't arrived. But today I saw bright greens, vibrant yellows, and beautiful tiny white flowers. So, if you're still reading this, I command you to stop, and get outside, because it's gorgeous out there.

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"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Take On Me??? on bagpipes???????

While running 10K?

This is an image too bizarre to process either aurally or visually. I need proof.

Where is there a record of this event?

My head may explode.