Saturday, April 01, 2006


Today has been one of those great Saturdays. I have spent some quality time with the NY Times Magazine, run a couple miles with my roommate, and completed an amazing 16 loads of laundry with my roommate (possibly creating a couple of enemies among our fellow laundromat patrons.) It is 3:45 and we are about to leave the house to pay rent, shop a little bit, and visit my friend and her baby; all the while enjoying walking around in this awesome weather.

I also got to talk to my brother today. He's getting married in an incredibly short time (50 days to be exact.) I still can't believe that my little brother is legally allowed to get married. In my mind he still the 15 year old living with my mom when I left for college, which is ridiculous because he's only two years younger than me.

Okay, my roommate is yelling at me ("Come on, finish your blog!") so that we can leave. So, here I go.

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