Friday, August 11, 2006

Alas, sleep!

I have frequent periods in which I am unable to sleep. The past few days I've been lucky to get three hours, which makes me slightly crabby (to put it nicely,) prone to eye-rolling at strangers doing absurdly rude things, and uninterested in making conversation with others.

Which did not make yesterday the perfect day for me to volunteer to watch my friend's six month old for several hours after the regular babysitter had to back out at the last minute. Not only is he teething and running a fever, but I am not a baby person. He is really one of about three babies I have ever liked. In the middle of one small crisis, I called my grandmother for some quick advice. Her response was, "Who would let you watch their baby?" I thanked her for the vote of confidence and opted not to tell her that before calling her I had actually tried every tip she provided.

It was possibly the only time I have ever felt like Samantha from Sex and the City, as in the episode when she takes care of Miranda's baby. However, unlike Samantha I was not dressed nicely, my hair was not fixed, and by the time I returned the baby to my friend, I was a sweaty mess.

As I reread this, I'm realizing I sound more whiny than I actually feel. What I am really feeling is a sense of awe. I find it amazing that the human race procreates at all! I am impressed with my friend who is balancing single motherhood with working full time as a teacher and completing her Masters. As for me, I learned that not only are there no babies in my near future, but I am no longer above volunteering to babysit in order to cure any little bout with insomnia.

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KC said...

You brave, brave soul.