Tuesday, August 08, 2006

No Dada, No MoMA

I woke up early this morning, went for a swim, then cleaned up around the house anxiously awaiting the time I had set to leave the house and head to the Museum of Modern Art. I haven't been in well over a year, and with their huge advertising campaign about their new Dada exhibit, I was excited to visit again.

It wasn't until I arrived that I remembered that the MoMA is one of the few New York museums that is open on Monday, instead it closes on TUESDAYs! Remembered isn't really the right word. I was told while standing in front of the museum, my pass to see the exhibit placed in a special pocket of my purse for easy reach. So I lazed around Central Park, window shopped on 5th Avenue, and then headed back home.

I was a bit dejected, but things have started to look up a bit. First, I had a strange celebrity siting. I didn't recognize him until he talked, but then I knew instantly it was Gordon Clune from PBS's reality show Frontier House. I called my roommate, the only one would truly appreciate the siting and left her voicemail, then sent her a text message telling her to check her voicemail because she never does and I knew my excitement over spotting Gordon Clune would be shortlived. I wanted her to hear it in it's original form. Then, craving a bit of chocolate, I stopped into CVS to find that Kit Kat's were on sale, buy one get one for one cent. And I'm about to make the walk back home, which I also love.

If only the MoMA knew how easy I am to please, maybe they would've opened the doors for me on a Tuesday...or I'll just have to try again tomorrow.

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Me said...

You should go tomorrow. I love the MOMA.

I enjoyed the text message heads-up. I'm interested in seeing if it works in the future. Really, who's to say....