Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Where There's Smoke?

Today I was heading uptown on the 6, when the train stopped due to "an incident" on the track around 59th street. After several minutes, collective complaints were growing louder and the train was not moving. I read nearly two chapters of my book before the conductor announced to stand clear of the closing doors and the train started to move again.

Just moments later, the groaning started once more when the air conditioning on the packed train shut off and the conductor announced, "For your comfort we have turned off the air conditioner due to the smoke in the tunnels. We do not want you to breathe in the smoke, so we will turn the air conditioning on again once we have cleared this section of the tunnel."

Is it normal to just go back to your book after an announcement like this?


Me said...

I once walked into Grand Central Station right past people running with guns. Turns out they were making a movie. But, I didn't even think about it until I was inside the station. NY kind of dulls your sense of danger.

Rebecca said...

I like your posts. This one inspired me to respond. Love the dry commentary...indeed, what else can you do in the subway in such a situation? I used to hate being trapped down there post-9/11. All is well, life goes on, the sun also rises...