Monday, December 18, 2006

Things to Cheer About

1) My new Aerobed. Today I unpacked it from the box, let it inflate, laid on it, deflated it, and packed it up in its travel bag in approximately six minutes. (My very kind roommate timed it for me...sometimes I make her tolerate so much...)And just in case there's any confusion, we are cheering for the speed as well as the fact that now when we have company, no one has to sleep on the couch.

2) Dancing. It has been far too long since I went dancing with friends. On Friday night I danced into the wee hours of the morning. I must make this a more regular part of my life.

3) Daylight. Last week I saw almost no daylight because the days are getting so freakin' short. I go to work in the dark, I leave in the dark. This weekend, I spent as much time in sunlight as possible. And the shortest day of the year is almost upon us, so hopefully this trend will end soon.

4) iPod love. What's not to cheer for? I am more enthusiastic about music than I have been in years because I access my music collection in a much different way. I am growing more particular than ever before, listening to more of my music than I ever thought possible, and loving ridiculously mundane tasks (i.e. waiting for the bus) because of my new personalized soundtrack. This might just be the best purchase I've ever made.

5) Vacation. Last, but obviously not least. I am very excited to be going home in five short days. I have many plans, the most pressing of which is to beg my mom to open her presents from me before Christmas. Keep your fingers crossed for me...


Mom said...

Ain't even gonna happen!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the iPod revolution. Digital music is a beautiful thing.