Sunday, January 07, 2007

Wasting Time

Today I went on a website that compares the contours of your face to hundreds of celebrities and then tells you which celebrity you look the most like. It told me that I look like Mariah Carey, which sort of pissed me off at first. Then I remembered that the only reason I went on the website was because it said my friend Jarrett looks just like Eleanor Roosevelt.

Anyhow, anyone can take one look at me and recognize that I look nothing like Mariah. So I scanned in two other pictures and was told what I believe to be the ultimate truth: that I don't look like any celebrities. Now that I have found that great informational jem, I will be going to bed now after five days of serious sleep deprivation...gotta love your Eleanor-Roosevelt-lookalike-houseguests who keep you out to all hours of the morning...

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