Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Change on Aisle Life

I started this blog as a place where I can tell the little goings-on in my life for the entertainment of family and friends who I had given the web address to. I understand it's a public forum, and I do like it when others happen upon Aisle Life and share their thoughts about whatever I may be writing.

However, in the past two months I have received a few anonymous comments from someone who has been leaving extremely rude messages that personally attack me. I delete the comments because this is not a forum for hostility. If you don't like what I have to say, then don't read it. And definitely don't leave cruel messages without having the courage to sign your name to them.

I am not embarrassed by anything I write here or what anyone might think about it. In the end, the only thing this anonymous person has succeeded in doing is annoying me, and causing me to change the settings so that anonymous comments may not be left anymore. This is disappointing because I want it to be an open forum for anyone who derives the same enjoyment I do from the small things in life. Most of you reading do know me, and I apologize for the change. Other than that, happy reading!

1 comment:

Miss Profe said...

I am sorry that happened to you. That's just wrong!

BTW: I find your blog delightful.:)