Saturday, February 24, 2007

Five More Days!!

That's right, it's just five more days until the Mets are playing once more in Shea Stadium! I can't go to the first game, considering the fact that I will be at work, but I will be mentally cheering them on as they beat the Cardinals into the ground. How appropriate is it that they're playing the Missouri team their first time out?

Things I expect for the season (and remember, I'm not a super-knowledgeable sports fan here, so the predictions are fairly meaningless outside of the context of my life...)

1) My friend Aaron (a huge Cardinals fan) will call to berate me every time the Mets play the Cards.

2) I will eat funnel cake every time I get the chance to go to a game.

3) My students will continue to bring in cut-out newspaper photos of the Mets in action, which I will tape up on my closet door. On occasion, they will try to slip in a Yankees photo. I will catch them and threaten them with detention.

4) By the end of the season, I will still not have figured out the song I would play if I was stepping up to the plate.

5) My trash-talking skills will improve greatly.


Aaron and Kate said...

Sorry to burst your bubble (while proving that you are indeed not the most super-knowledgable sports fan), but the first home game is April 1, not March 1st. So it's more like 35 days until the Cardinals make Carlos Beltran look like a chump again.

Ms. Armstrong said...

Umm...sorry to burst your bubble, but I just double-checked, and I can buy tickets for March 1 for Spring Training games! While I won't be seeing the Cardinals, I will be seeing the Dodgers.