Saturday, February 24, 2007

Amusing and Useful!

I often make book recommendations in the course of blogging here on aisle life, so I knew when a came across Use This Book by Melissa Heckscher I had to share it immediately. The book literally contains everything you could ever need. Job opportunity suddenly come up? Check out the cover letter on page 91. Thirsty? There's a disposable drinking cup on page 193. Uncertain about your future? Never fear, just cut out the psychic cards on page 145. Hot date and not sure what to do? Why don't you practice the dance steps on page 131? Bored? Play tic tac toe on page 149. (I've always detested having to draw my own tic tac toe board.)

Of course, with this new book that has everything I need in life, I thought it best to read Heckscher's other book Be Safe!: Simple Strategies for Death-Free Living. It contains life-prolonging tips on the best position to watch tv, what time you should go to the bank, and which stall you should go into in a public restroom. With all this information, the only question I can think to ask is what will she come up with next?

1 comment:

Birdman said...

It should come with a swiss army knife and your very own personal McGiver.