Thursday, February 22, 2007

Closing Ceremonies

My mom is leaving tomorrow and I am very sad, but I think a little celebration of the trip will cheer me up, much like the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. So, I offer a poem... (Disclaimer: much like everything else on the blog, this is unedited, first-draft work.)

My mom is like Bill Cosby
when she eats a dessert she really loves.
She'll hold a fork out to me
as her eyes roll up to the heavens above.

My mom is like a little kid
when we go to any bookstore.
She'll pick up lots of books and mags
then sit down to peruse on the floor.

My mom is like an athlete
Well...forget that simile
My mom is an athlete
and runs all over the place with me.

My mom is like a handyman
she's definitely up for the task
she hooks up my new dvd player
and I don't even have to ask.

My mom is like a scientist
as we travel all over the city
observing and making hypotheses
about every person that we see.

My mom is like a fashionista
ducking into any random store
trying on dozens of hats with me
and finding sales galore.

My mom is like a best friend
she laughs and tells crazy stories
she can be very complimentary
but also tells me when I'm boring.

My mom is like a ballroom dancer
she doesn't hesitate a moment before agreeing
that we should salsa dance on Tuesday
To her a new adventure is just like breathing.

My mom is like a mom
she wants to me take more Vitamin B,
she makes me gigantic sandwiches
and is happy I no longer borrow her money.

My mom is like a critic
and soon she'll read this poem
she'll probably call it cheesy
right before she goes back home.

Love you mom!!

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