Monday, February 19, 2007

Magic! and Magic?

I have two types of magic to discuss here today. First is the magic of mom. Unless you've never read this blog, you know I think my mom is the greatest woman to ever walk the earth. I have now discovered that she is also the greatest woman to ever take NYC public transportation with. We have caught every train and bus almost automatically--the N at 10:00 on a Sunday, the Q on the weekend, and even the Q19A bus pulled up right as we rounded the corner. Of course, my mom finds another aspect of her visit equally magical. "I like coming here; someone else refills the toilet paper." I guess it's the little things that makes a trip successful...

Now, on to a whole new dimension of magic. Of course, this is the magic with the question mark. Harlequin romance has teamed up with Nascar. (Feel free to reread that sentence to be sure you fully understood.) There is a whole series coming out in which Nascar provides the backdrop of a budding relationship. Now, while I may have recently had a great date as a result of the NYC version of speed-dating, this series takes it to a whole new level. The first book is entitled Speed-Dating, and the romance starts when, (I'm sure you've guessed by now!) the heroine is hit by the Nascar driver's car! You have to wonder what those Harlequin folks will think up next. Till then, just get yourself to to order yourself a copy...or just quietly shake your head in disbelief and pick up something real to read.

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