Friday, March 16, 2007

Before the Ice Age and Ice Today

It's been a somewhat rough week, but instead of focusing on the frustrating I want to focus on a couple of small details from the past two days that were pleasantly surprising.

First, one of the seventh graders in my most difficult class came up to me after school and said with more excitement than I've ever heard from him, "Did you know that all the continents used to touch each other?" When I said yes, he asked, "How? I don't get it." It turned out that he had seen part of Al Gore's documentary in another class and the image of Pangea had stuck with him. We spent about twenty minutes looking at depictions of continental drift and finding the answers to some of his questions. With total awe in his voice he said, "That is just amazing."

Second, while the "wintry mix" that's been falling outside for several hours may not seem appealing to others, I was thoroughly enjoying my walk home. I was bundled up appropriately and had my ipod on shuffle. I was completely in my own world. So when I got home I was shocked to discover that the faux fur trim on the hood of my down coat was a solid mass of ice. To me, that is just amazing.

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