Thursday, March 15, 2007

Say What?

Today I dropped by Barnes and Noble to get a couple of books for my classroom. Two of the cashiers were talking to each other as I was checking out.

Cashier 1: I don't drink milk.

Cashier 2: Why not?

Cashier 1: Those udders must be so dirty!

Cashier 2: What?

Cashier 1: The cow's udders. I'm not drinking anything that comes out of them.

Cashier 2: They're probably as clean as a mother's breast, and babies drink from them.

Cashier 1: Yeah, but a mother doesn't pee out of her breasts.

Cashier 2: What?

Cashier 1: Cows...they pee from their udders. I'm not drinking anything else that comes out. How do you know there's not pee mixed into the milk?

Cashier 2: (Suddenly very concerned.) Well, I never thought about it.

Cashier 1: Really, where else would they pee from. There's nothing else there.

Cashier 2: I don't know...

Finally, I decide I have to say something.

Me: Ummm...Cows do not pee from their udders.

Cashier 1: How do you know?

Me: (staring in dumbfounded silence.)

Are these two actually qualified to work in a book store?

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X said...

Dear god. Thank you for sharing this lovely story. It makes me feel that the hours I spend trying to reinforce highly complicated scientific concepts such as "babies come out of vagina, not the anus" might actually make the world a better place one day.